Ethiopia Summary // Day 4

Saturday, July 24th…Goodbye smoggy, full of traffic, heavy populated Addis Ababa….Hello spacious, baboon filled, hippo spotting, dirt road Langano!

The Lord woke me up that morning to pray for the lives of everyone at the camp we would be working at the upcoming week.  I love how God asks us to participate in HIS work.  He did do a mighty work that week.  It was amazing to watch His movement.

Before we headed out to Langano we met with our team leader for a devotional and a little prepping on the week.  SIM did a really great job guiding us through the week as well as general short term missionary care. Our devotion that morning was out of Hebrews 10.  That was so encouraging to me all week.  We were also able to hear from Ephraim.  I can’t remember what his exact role is at camp…but he is a leader:)  He disciples the leaders…he overseas:)  Anyway…one thing he said was so great and so true and definitely played out all week…

“You Americans have a watch but no time, we Africans have time but no watch.”

He was really encouraging.  It was apparent as the week went on that they did not need our team.  But he was so encouraging and full of gratitude for our service.  It felt less of a service, rather, a great coalition of ambassadors working together who happened to cross paths for a weeks time.

(This is Ephraim!)

It took us about four hours to drive to Langano from Addis.  There were so many sights, sounds and smells.  There were donkeys, oranges sold on the side of the road, smells of exhaust, hutts, tons of agriculture, lots of people walking, orthodox churches, acacia trees…the list could go on.

(yes, a donkey in the middle of the road…there…every day…no joke!)

(orthodox church)

(Lots of hutts along the way)

(We even saw camels…no zebras or lions…camels!)

(lots and lots of goats)

Everyone talked about how dangerous the trip was from Addis to Langao.  There were for sure some close calls:)  It is a two lane highway that sometimes has four cars wide.  I am not sure on the speed…but it is above 60mph.  Hopefully the videos below can depict it a bit.  Although, the video shows a much wider rode than what we traveled on for the majority of the ride as well as a lot slower of a speed.  This is as we were leaving Addis.

About 45 minutes outside of camp we stopped at a place for lunch.  As we were driving in lots of children would run along side of our car.  They would hold out their hand and then touch their mouth.  It was them asking for money for food.  Some of them would do tricks for money, some made little carvings to sell.  One little boy even found a lizard and was holding it near our window.

(the boys running next to our van…and their lizard for sale…we had no takers)

The lake is really brown, they said it was because of the minerals.  We then had about 45 min left in our drive on the “red road.”  Below is a video of how bad of a road it is.  The more it rains the worse it gets…and it rains a lot in Ethiopia!!!  On the red road we picked up one of the Smith’s friends.  She was a woman in the village carrying all of her groceries on her back in the pouring rain.  They had to of weighed 45ish pounds.  Not only was she walking in the down pour with that much weight, it was a 20-30 minute drive for us.  Who knows how long it would have taken her to walk that!!!

Once we got to the camp we unpacked all of our stuff and took a little tour.  After dinner we were able to hear the testimony of a pastor that reaches Muslims.  His testimony was really great but we were so tired.  Several heads were nodding for sure.  At the end we sang the song “Your Love Endures Forever.”  For some reason that time really stands out to me.  I was really moved.  I was reminded of how big God is.  I hate that it takes leaving your home country and singing with different nationalities to remember that sometimes.

(Lake Langano)

(great scenery at camp)


By this time in the trip everyone was really comfortable talking about their bowel movements:)  See below:)

After the bathroom extravaganza, us girls ended the night with really great conversation about what God was doing in our life and what we hoped for the week!


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