Ethiopia Summary // Day 1 & 2

Here is a glimpse into my trip to Ethiopia.

Wednesday, July, 21-Thursday, July 22  //  Travel Days

We flew on KLM from Dallas to Amsterdam, small stop in Sudan and landed in Addis.  I was super excited to be with my team.  There were 14 of us, total.  I thought we would all work really well together…and we did!  I think we could have spent a lot longer together!  Maybe that is normal…I just assumed it would be time to part ways at the end of the trip!  Nope:)

(our team at DFW)

(Jeana was a good flying buddy!  She even took care of me when I was sick…you will have to wait for future updates for details on that one..ha!)

(the boys in the Amsterdam airport)

I am also sure that I watched more movies on these flights than I have in all my life combined…jk…but seriously.  KLM seriously fed us sooooooo much food.  For the most part it was good!  If I would have understood the food situation to the full extent I totally would have packed some of the airplane food for Langano! Also, as I watched our plane map it made me sad to be in the same vicinity of the world as so many of my dear friends in Europe.  I know we were still so far away…but it didn’t seem right to be near but so far:(

As we were flying into Africa it looked like a lot of desert…not sure if that is actually what I was flying over…but from far above that is what it looked like.  As we landed in Sudan it reminded me a lot of eastern Europe- like when I was in Kosovo.  I had no idea what to expect..actually for anything…no expectations…not even the slightest idea or image.

(descending into Khartoum, Sudan)

As we were allowing for the passengers to load in Khartoum I loved seeing all the African faces enter our plane.  Everyone is so beautiful, their beauty is captivating.  I loved seeing the scarfs and jewelry.

We had to fly over Addis for about 45 min to wait for the rain to clear up.  We each brought two bags…one had gifts and supplies for The Smiths.

(arriving at the Addis airport)

After arriving we had about a 20 min car ride to the SIM Guest House.  The accommodations were amazing there.  It is like  hostel for missionaries to visit or stay as they are passing through.  I think I could have set there forever just to interact with the people coming through.  If those walls could talk!

That night I prayed that God would lay on my heart a place in his word to read during the week.  I prayed that He would speak to me during the week.  He was so faithful to answer.  Stay tuned:)


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