Summer Recap

Summer is over…

….in my mind at least!  Bring on the 60 degree – scarf wearing – hot coco drinking – autumn weather. (Who AM I???)

Here is a recap of what has gone on in my life May through now!

Ran (sort of) a 5k with my Sister in Law for Aid Sudan.

I couldn’t have asked for a better sister in law!

Hosted a dinner and a Brunch at Elsby!

The dinner I had was with my Mansfield (now Midlothian) people!

Bachelorette Parties!

Team meetings for Ethiopia!

Preparing crafts for the kids.

We practiced eating traditional food.

Moved out of Elsby into an Apartment with one of my running buddies.

Good bye Elsby:(

Hello Eastern Avenue:)

This is my new roommate Anne!  She was on a cupcake cooking spree there for a while!

Relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.

It involved many things…but I really enjoyed the down time…little did I know I really needed it because the coming weeks were sooooo busy!

Lots of laying out and reading.

My friend Jess’ Wedding!

Family Trip to OKC!

The Carpenter Bunch

The Marcum’s even joined!

Lots of House sitting.

Yes I get to live a bigger lifestyle than I will ever know when I house sit for Plano people.  No, I don’t love it when I get into fender benders with their Audie convertibles:(

My college Roommate’s Wedding!

Until further notice…this has been the best weekend to date!!! And please note…the suds picture is not misplaced….it was definitely a part of the wedding weekend!

Hosted a baby shower for my friend Lindsey.

My grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party!

That is the dress my Meme wore:)

A Trip to Ethiopia!

Lots more to come on this…so you only get one picture:)


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  1. Michelle

    you had a fender bender in an AUDI!?!??! Nooooo ……

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