Bon Voyage!

Yeah…you know where I said a couple of posts earlier that I would try to have a post scheduled every day….I didn’t do that…needless to say….  I have someone picking me up in ten minutes and here is where I stand:

1.  A few things still need to find a place to get packed

2.  I am sweaty from packing last minute

3.  I am not dressed

4.  I haven’t sent out a prayer email.

WHY do I insist on being this last minute???

ANYWAY….the real purpose of this blog is to post our prayer requests.  Three have been listed on previous posts so please look at those.  And of course, please pray for the souls of the Ethiopian Children we will be working with.  They have mentors in their community that walk with them year round.  None of these students are Christians.  God is moving all around the world…has been, is and will continue…whether I am there or not.  It is exciting to get to go see his work.  So please pray for the forward movement of his Word and for God to open eyes and ears to his grace!

Here are other prayer requests that were given to us for our team and for the camp as a whole:

1.  Enlarging our understanding of God and His global plan is part of our mission to Ccamp Langano.  We are in for a wonderful learning experience as we see the work of the Lord in another culture and environment.

2.  Resisting the devil as we submit to Chris twill be a constant dynamic.  We don’t want the evil one to interfere with what Chris is doing at the camp in the lives of the teenagers, the staff and us.

3.  The missional churches and people who have sent us out are counting on us to come back sharing what Christ has done in our lives and the lives of those we met there.  The impact on families, friends and churches can be a time of real transformation.

4.  Pray that the development of Camp Langano and the enlarging ministry of Sports Friends in Ethiopia and elsewhere will continue long after we are back in our homeland routine, for the glory of God.  Ask God how he wants you to be part of that.

5.  Ethiopian staff are coming with the teens from the villages which they serve.  Those relationships should be greatly deepened during camp.  The prayer is that Christ will finish the good work that He begins there when they go back to their homes and continue to spend time together.

6.  We all need to look for opportunities to learn from the Christlike living of our colleagues from both continents.

7.  A different orientation to time can challenge those who are time and task oriented.  We will grow from learning to thrive in an event oriented culture as we relax, enjoy  people and learn to slow down.

8.  Physical and spiritual safety are important issues in a camping environment where there is lots of outdoor activity, water play and God’s work being done in a way that the enemy would love to hamper.

9.  Unity and love are key as we develop relationships with Ethiopian staff, campers and our team members.  What a privilege.  By faith we pray and believe that the Lord will use us to be a blessing to others.



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2 responses to “Bon Voyage!

  1. CRAP! I forgot to send you money. I am going to just write you a check. I am so sorry.

  2. Laura Hobbs

    You are on your flight right now!!!! Love it. I cannot express in words how excited I am that you are finally getting to go where God laid on your heart so many years ago! Love it love it. Pray that God is equipping you as you are on the flight even now. That your heart is prepared to see what God has to show you, your ears are prepared to hear what God has to tell you and that the Love of Jesus Christ is showered from everything you are and do! Love ya lots. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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