Our Schedule

How you can pray today:

Health is a wonderful gift from God and remaining in good health is important so we can serve others during long days physically challenged by different water, food and living conditions.

About Ethiopia:

  • The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa (“new flower”.)
  • The currency is Birr.
  • The Prime Minister  is Meles Zenawi

Here is our schedule:

Wednesday, July 21st // Depart from DFW @ 3:25pm on Delta Flight #9391 and arrives in Amsterdam at 7:45am on Thursday, July 22nd.  We then get on Delta Flight #9609 that departs at 10:35am and lands in Addis Ababa at 9:05pm.

Friday, July 23rd & Saturday, July 24th //  Time in Addis.

**This is so exciting to me!  We have a couple of things lining up for us.  We may spend some time talking to a man who is doing some major work with urban development (a new interest of mine) and we also may visit the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. This is exciting to me because one of my dear friends will be moving to Ethiopia to work there!

Sunday, July 25th – Thursday, July 27th //  Travel to Langano for the Sports Camp!

**These students come from villages all over Ethiopia.  Most will come from Muslim backgrounds.  Two requirements for camp:  One:  You cannot be a Christian.  Two:  The parents must sign off that their child is participating in a Christian sports camp.  Amazing how God moves in this world!!!

Friday, July 28th // Finish up camp and leave for Addis mid day.

Saturday, July 29th //  Time in Addis and then we depart on Delta Flight #9609 from Addis at 10:50pm.  We land in Amsterdam at 5:45am on Sunday, August 1st.

Sunday, August 1st //  Depart Amsterdam at 10:20am and arrive at DFW @ 1:40pm on Delta Flight #9390.

Trip over:(

Here is a map of Africa…Ethiopia is on the East, it’s green.

(you can click on each picture to enlarge it)

Here is Ethiopia.  You can see that Lake Langano is just south of Addis.  Rumor has it the trip is about 4 hours on a two lane highway…and I am guessing the highway isn’t what I am used to:-)


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  1. Its so great to hear from you and to hear about your trip to Ethiopia! Our daughter was born not far from where your camp is being held! Now she is in an orphanage in Addis. Praying for your trip! May you be used in powerful ways and may you walk away changed forever.

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