Our Team!

How you can pray today:

Air and road travel these long distances is very demanding.  Pray for place connections, the arrival of the entire luggage, safety on the road during the four-hour trip to Langano from Addis and that team members will be able to sleep well in many different postures and places.

About Ethiopia:

More than 120 languages are spoken in Ethiopia.  Amharic is widely spoken and English is used and understood among the educated, and is the language of government and business.

Details of our Team:

Our Team consists of 14 people.  We are going to work really well together!  We have spent the last couple of months meeting every Sunday from 1:30-3:30 going over the foundations of missions and just spending time together.  The girls have been getting together in the in between for dinners!  It has been awesome to see how each individual life story has lead us all to this one trip.  We are all so grateful he has allowed us to take part of the work he has been and will continue to do in Ethiopia.  We were also able to meet the Sports Friends leader that will be leading us in Langano!  I can’t wait to spend more time with him and his wife as well as grow in friendships with my team members!

Every blog post is better with pictures…here is photo documentation of me when I was in getting my vaccinations!

Travel wise my friends, travel wise!


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