One Week!

Rewind: I am going to Ethiopia, Africa July 21st-August 1st.  One week from today!  For more details you can read this letter!

Play: Please be a part of my team!  If you would like to be a part of the prayer team please email me at Also, please be a part of our financial team. I am in need of $1500 to finish my fundraising.  Our team is about half way there…please help support our team!  Write checks to “The Village Church.”  In the memo line write “Ashley Marble – Ethiopia 2.”  You can mail the checks to:

The Village Church

Attn:  Accounting Department

2101 Justin Road

Flower Mound, TX  75208

Fast forward: I want to keep you guys updated while I am gone.  The chances of me being able to update while I am gone are not high.  Not only will we more than likely not have internet in Langano, I don’t want to spend any time wasted!  I would love to update you all…but I will save that all for when I am back!  I thought I would schedule blog posts for each day I am gone.  They will highlight things you can pray for, Ethiopia facts, and we will see what else I can come up with!

Keep checking back starting today!!!

For now I will leave you with pictures from our training with SIM International Sports Friends last Saturday.  We learned more about what we would be doing in partnership with them.  It is so great to sit in the same room with people who have lived all over the Africa and traveled all over the world.  It deeply stirs my soul for the Lord.  We were also able to have a traditional Ethiopian meal from a restaurant in Addison, Texas!  Holla!  I liked it…but my stomach didn’t for the next 24 hours!  (Sorry…too much info!).

Preparing the Crafts for Camp!

Our Lunch!  Chicken, Lentils, Eggs, Cabbage, Carrots, Spinach, Lamb etc.

You eat with your hands by using the ingera (the brown, bread looking thing)…scoop it all up and have at it!


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