Lost wallet…really?

A little over a year ago I wrote this post…and then this post.

Well ladies and gents…it happened again, just a new rendition!

I volunteer in S. Dallas on Wednesday afternoons for Champions of Hope.  S. Dallas is an urban, impoverished, crime stricken area.  So…one should probably lock their car when not in it.  AND, one should probably not leave one’s wallet sitting in the front seat.  Especially if that one is white and female…I’m just say’n.

Long story short is that my car was in my sight at all times so the need to lock the car while unloading some donations seemed unnecessary.  The car wouldn’t really be locked anyway since the back hatch was wide open.  I was unloading the last box and all of a sudden I look over to see a car slowly driving by.  These two ladies were yelling like mad women, but I thought they were saying that the man in the car stole something from the convenient store.  NOPE.  They were yelling, “He stole your purse.”  So there I was, my wallet stolen right in front of my eyes, and being driven away…right before my eyes. He pulled up next to my car…the passenger hopped out and crouched down, opened my car door, stole the top two things (my wallet and a building permit for my job) and drove off…so nonchalant.

Luckily this time I didn’t have any cash…BUT, I did have four company credit cards, my check book, my debit and credit card…and don’t worry…my boss’s personal credit card.  None of which I had numbers for.  Thank goodness for iphones because I was able to search and call everyone and have everything closed and or canceled in about 20 minutes.  I held it together with only one minor break down with tears.  All of these people from the neighborhood started to gather around.  They were really nice, but I am sure they were thinking…you stupid white girl…what are you doing down here and why did you leave your car unlocked.  It was interesting to hear them talk about their community.  They had no shame that their peers lived this lifestyle.  It is a way of life they understand and live in the midst of.  I would love to study it more.  Anyway…

Ok, all that to say…the wallet was stolen right in front of my eyes…sure to never see it again.

DON’T Worry…this wallet has stamina!

I get this text the very next day from my old roommate.

(please ignore how awful I am at typing my texts!)

She obviously had no idea what had happened because I don’t live with her anymore.  I did live with her when I lost the wallet the first time though…so I am glad she could share with me in this!  All I could do was laugh and laugh.

This was what was in the package.

My theory is that the guys just wanted drug money because they only took the coins out…they left everything else and took it to the post office and left it there.  The post office took the address off of my drivers license and mailed my wallet back to me…THE VERY NEXT DAY!  What the heck!

Here is the letter.

One thing I love about the urban community is their communication.  It really is fascinating.  So a couple of weeks after this happened a lady found the director that I volunteer for and told her more details on the car that took my wallet.  Apparently it was a stolen car that was left at the DFW airport.  Who knows…who cares.

I keep things interesting to say the least!


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