I am so very excited to announce that I am going to Ethiopia at the end of the summer!  It is something that has been stirring in my heart for the past six years; and more intensely the past three.  I cannot wait to learn and experience the culture!  I am most excited that God has chosen to collide His plan for students attending a sports camp with His plan for me!  Although I would like to say my blog has high traffic, it more than likely does not…so if you are reading my blog…you probably received a letter with all the info…but if not and if you would like to read the letter I sent out here it is…..“Ethiopia Letter.”

I am going with a team of 14 with my church.  We are meeting once a week up to the trip for different aspects of  team building, but also for some training.  I love meeting new people and learning them…so this is exciting for me!  So far our team seems great and I can really tell that God is working in each individual’s heart as He has led each one to this trip.   While there we will partner with SIM International, Sports Friends and The Smiths.  Our church also sent a team a few weeks ago.  You can read about their trip here.

A side note is that God has really embedded a revival of my prayer life in the last year an a half.  It has been absolutely amazing to watch how that has been such a powerful thing in so many things I am walking through right now.  I have definitely noticed it for Ethiopia.  I can’t help but want to pray for our team and the souls of Ethiopia…I love the Spirit at work in my heart!

My todo list for the trip is shrinking…SLOWLY.  My letters out last week to inform friends and family.  It left me with tons of reflection and thanksgiving!  Now I need to focus on getting all of my shots.  My goal is to do that next week!  We also have weekly homework…I have yet to complete it…oops!  But you know me…that doesn’t keep me from adding to the discussion:-)

Annnnnnd….not as important, but fun…going on this trip will cross out one item on my bucket list!  Woo hoo!


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