We would have been friends…

I am not sure if I would have been as intellectual as Edith Schaeffer (in fact…I can say that I am not!); but I feel as if our hearts beat in the same way….therefore, we would have been friends!  I am reading her book “The Tapestry” and although my words and thoughts are not as streamlined as her’s…I feel as if I could be writing down the same type of reflections on life experiences; it seems like we have a similar filter.  A friend recommended this book to me since I have visited L’Abrie while living in Switzerland.  She also said that I would enjoy what Edith writes about hospitality.  I decided to pick up the book again after putting it on the shelf some time ago.  I am so thankful I have this evening.  It makes me want to grow so much as a woman of God.  Plus it is a delight to read something that resonates so much with my worldview.  Here is one thing she wrote as she was preparing to go off to college.

“So much of life, whether one is married or single, is spent in the environment one has created for oneself.  Why people think that spending all their available time, energy, ideas, and originality in life on a career, is all that is needed to ensure them of an interesting environment in which to live, I cannot understand.  The need for a “shelter” (a place to be which somehow brings refreshment because it does not clash with one’s tastes in sound, texture, color or whatever) is basic to each one of us.  A “home” where one or two individuals, or a family of a dozen, can eat, sleep, listen to music, and be creative; can read, think, pray, get ideas, be inspired-can have a base-is worth preparing for and working on.”

As the Lord has laid a calling on my life to serve in some capacity out of my home I look forward to reading about how Edith did this!


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  1. Theresa Marble

    I love reading yours and Allston’s blogs…it is kind of like peeking in the window of your soul…yes kind of corny but really it is neat to see what makes you tick.

    : )

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