In recent news…

…the life of Ashley Marble!

I am volunteering for Champions of Hope in S. Dallas!  Here is a picture of the Dallas Skyline from a rooftop in S. Dallas.  Another picture is when I was down there one afternoon driving around.  You know there is going to be something exciting when you are the corner of Malcom X and Martin Luther King.

I have been missing my family lately.  Luckily, next weekend my parents are driving down from Nebraska and we are going to stay in Houston with Allston and Danica!  Last Friday night I was able to see my brother and stay with him and Sawyer.  Danica was out of town:(  I was able to have some quality time with Sawyer, my sweet little niece:-)  She is the best snuggle buddy EVER!  This is us waking up Saturday morning!

There has been lots of time over the past several months with college friends!  Baby showers, 12 hour layovers and business trips to Dallas!  I welcome them all!  Here is time with Larios, her fiance (not pictured) and Stoner!  Such a blessing to spend the afternoon together!  Stirred lots of worship in me for the Lord!

I am still working for a friend of mine.  Right now I work for 3 different companies.  A home builder, a general contractor and a landscape company.  Keeps my head spinning.  Last Thursday my boss’ daughter came to visit.  Here she is in my heels and telling me her business strategies!

We had a weekend with amazing weather.  It inspired me to start a couple of my DIY projects.  We are trying to create OBZEET in our back yard.  I haven’t gotten very far; and I don’t like what I have at this point.  The first picture is the blank canvas…hoping to have some tacky flowers, flamingos and lighting at some point soon to welcome in the spring weather!  And then I planted some flowers in our 8 foot window planter!!!

Life feels pretty perfect these days.  I am thankful for this season the Lord has been walking me through!


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