Well…this is embarrassing…

…and I am admitting it.  Ha!

I have been wanting to find some good worship music to purchase lately.   My typical trend is to hear a song that the Lord really uses to speak to me and stir up worship in me and then go to iTunes and purchase the album it is on.  This may be why I have a really random collection of music.  Most would say (and I would tend to agree) that I do not have good music taste.  I am ok with that:-)  I usually listen to that album over and over until I have had enough…and those around me have had enough…ha!  For instance…Ginny Owens; sophomore year of college:-)  Right ladies?? !!

Ok, well…back to the embarrassing part.  I am looking for a new album to purchase but nothing is sticking out to me other than Caedmon’s Call…and I have most of their music.  Pandora isn’t doing it for me these days and my most recent albums are not floating my boat anymore.  It’s time for something new.  Soooo…I go to the iTunes store  because they make suggestions for you.  I am assuming their recommendations have something to do with your purchase history.

So here are some of the artists they suggest for me to buy.  Granted, some of them are old school; but none would I be ashamed to mention to the blogosphere.  Jeremy Camp, Derek Webb, Casting Crowns, Ginny Owens, Caedmon’s Call.  DC Talk was on there…and that is pushing it for me…I never liked their music, I felt cheesy listening to it…sorry?  BUT…there was one album they recommended that made me hang my head in shame….one that left me wondering how in the heck they would come up with this recommendation.  I didn’t even know stuff like this existed….AND, if I did I would never, let me repeat…NEVER purchase such a thing.

“Love Songs for Christian Couples”

(really???  really?)

Let me state that I have NEVER purchased a “christian love song”  nor will I ever.  I know more than anyone my college girlfriends are getting a kick out of this.  I wish we were all sitting in Taylor singing and doing “mentals” to these albums!  Love you ladies…miss you!  Maybe we can purchase these to listen at all of our bachelor-ette parties:-)

P.S.  I never found a good album of worship music…any suggestions?  Here is what I have been playing on repeat the last month or so.

Kristene Mueller

Those Who Dream

Thanks Michelle!



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3 responses to “Well…this is embarrassing…

  1. Martha

    Hi Ashley! This is hilarious.

    Go to Itunes and type in Mandi Mapes/Church at Brook Hills. They only have 4 songs but they are pretty songs. This is the church my sister was a part of when she lived in Birmingham, AL. I Already Know is comforting to me.

    Hope you are well!

  2. JAKE HAMILTON! Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilila, anything from Jesus Culture. The new Misty Edwards called Fling Wide….:)

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