Tuesday mornings are my fave!

Around this time last year the Lord brought me to a home group at The Village Church.  I remember the night very clearly…it was one of those things where I came home from a new job exhausted and crawled right into my pajamas…all to hear the Lord pushing me back into my work clothes to go to this home group.  Really Lord?  Little did I know this group would be one of the most sanctifying means used in my life.  I love these women and the way the Lord ministers to me through them!

Some of us started meeting at 5:15am in the mornings last spring to walk.  That time was so providential.  There was one morning the Lord laid it on my heart to ask one of the girls to pray together on a regular basis.  Yes, that was awkward. I felt the awkwardness of middle school…do you like me?  Check yes or no!  Ha!  But I knew it was from the Lord…obedience beats awkwardness! We also ended up all praying together after walks.  We would pray over one another’s days and then at the end when one of the girls returned from a six week mission trip to Papa New Guinea we would pray for a new tribe every morning!  It was so wonderful to start the prayer off in the dark and when we finished the sun would have risen and we were off to start our day fully encouraged with our minds set on the Lord!

Back to the middle school awkwardness….  That first morning’s prayer with Jen has bound my heart with this woman in ways only the Lord can explain.  I love Jen and the way she serves me.  It all started with the morning of awkwardness and the Lord building our friendship that was never meant to be (jk…sort of), all by the pursuit of him in prayer.

I say all of these things to connect my love for Tuesday mornings!  Jen and I now live together and operate a lot of daily happenings together.  The Lord lead me this past summer to pray in community with others as I seek for him to bring about a calling in my life.  Jen has committed to praying over me every Tuesday morning.  Every time she pursues me in that I see the character of Christ.  Each Tuesday morning I start my day off humbled and grateful that she would serve me in that way.  What a day it will be when the prayers she prays over me are answered!  Every time we get to pray together I am amazed at how the Lord draws and binds people together through his word and through prayer.  I can’t help but start my prayers out in gratitude and pleading for his protection over this friendship…it is more than needed!  I hope Tuesday mornings go on forever in our friendship!

If you don’t have a Jen…get one.


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