Marcum Weekend Highlights

I started babysitting for the Marcum’s in February 2003….almost six years ago!  Abby was 3, Matty was 6 months…and then 2 years later Cooper came along!  I am able to go back every once and a while and watch them for a weekend.  Here are some highlights from last weekend.  They come mostly in the form of quotes!  Enjoy!

Abby Grace  //  9 years old

Matty Faith  //  7 years old

Cooper David  //  4 years old

Ashley, why aren’t you married?  You should date someone from that internet thing. -Abby  (This was actually an ongoing question all weekend from Abby and Cooper…they feel so bad for me…ha.  But they do have high expectations…they think I need to marry a doctor.  They promise me that if I move back to Shawnee that they will find me one…ha!)

Do you remember when I was in my momma’s stomach?  Those were the days.  -Matty

I was walking behind Cooper carrying the food he had just chosen at the Chinese Restaurant.  As we approached the table he slapped the waiter on the butt.  The positive note was that they go to this restaurant all the time and they have formed a really good friendship with their waiter, Quy (that’s his name).  I am not sure that slapping him on the butt happens often, but none the less Quy handled himself well!  The conversations that followed involved them trying to convince Quy and I to get married.  Yes, Awkward!

Sunday morning @ 6 a.m. Cooper comes shuffling in my room.  The first words that come out of his mouth as he is waking me up; “Ashley, I am bored.”

As we were playing Monopoly Cooper is spending his money like crazy.  “Ashley, the person that spends the most money wins!!”

Saturday morning I woke up before the crew and was able to watch the Sunrise.  Cooper made it outside with me.  When we were sitting there he told me the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego…Veggie Tales Style!

Also, some of the sweetest times I have spent with these kids is praying for them while they are sleeping.  When I was in college it was nap time when I arrived and now when I stay with them I get to tuck them in!  Matty and Cooper like for you to rub their back and sing songs to them.  When they fall asleep I like to stay and pray over them.  I pray that God reveals himself to them.  That he protects them and keeps them pure.  I pray for the Lord to give their mom and dad wisdom as they raise these three.

We did a lot of fun things this weekend…Starbucks visit, OKC Children’s Science Museum, Soccer Game, Board Games, and of course a photo shoot on the OBU Campus!

It has been a blessing to be a part of this family’s life!



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3 responses to “Marcum Weekend Highlights

  1. michelle

    awww – how wonderful marbes. how blessed they are to have you in their lives too!

    love and miss you friend.

  2. Abby

    i just saw these for the first time! i love and miss u!! –

  3. ashley i miss u so much have a great backpacking trip in europe!!!

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