Simple Joys…

I am updating them more regularly these days…take a look under the Joys tab!

There is a lot of joy in life right now.  Not that joy comes from things or circumstances; but during this season things and circumstances end up giving me a lot of God centered Joy.   Let me list the ways!

1.  The weather is BEAUTIFUL in Dallas right now.  It is suppose to be in the 70’s all week; the sun is shining and the colors are so vibrant!

2.  The Cowboys are starting to look better!

3.  I have wonderful fellowship and community with an amazing group of girls.

4.  I am stretched and sanctified through my church.

5.  A year ago this upcoming weekend was my last day as a vocational minister.  That change was so providential and much needed!  I love the journey he has taken me on this past year…it went by so fast!

6.  My job is pretty fun!

7. God is speaking really clear and guiding strongly.

8.  I just feel content:-)

9.  I have been able to share my story time and time again lately with other women.  It is amazing to watch the Lord call out, redeem and reconcile!


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  1. jstetter

    maybe i need to start this section on my blog! well done, my friend!

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