O the places we will go…!

The other day a friend told me that she was so excited about the life stage I was in.  I am assuming she meant the single, young professional 20’s life stage…not sure what else it could be? 🙂  And you know…I agree!  When else could one, in three years time,

1.  Start three/four different jobs (yes…I resigned a week ago and start a new job mid October….all to start a new job next August)

2.  Live for a period of time in 14 different houses & apartments

3. Travel to tons of countries at the drop of a hat


Those are probably three of my fave…I am sure there are more!  I hope that my life does become a bit more settled…but I do love the freedom and excitement of things always changing.  I hope my life is always revolving…even when I do get married and have a family.  Moving 14 times is hopefully not part of that…but I pray we will be at God’s disposal and make moves according to his calling appropriately!  That’s how I am trying to live now…surely it will carry on.


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