Dallas Sights & Reviews // Hacienda on Henderson

Have I mentioned I love living in Dallas?  I always mean to post places I go…and have yet to follow through.  Here is my attempt to start!

Hopefully in the posts to come I will have a picture to share!


Last night I met up with a recently re united friend from college!  She lives in Uptown and suggested Hacienda on Henderson.  It was wonderful!  I am not clever with my words; so head to their website to see what they have to say!  Here is my shot at it…the fallish weather added a nice touch as we sat outside on the patio!  The restaurant is a renovated home turned restaurant.  The chips and salsa were fabuloso…the first tale tale sign of good Tex-Mex.  I then ordered a Dos Eques…AMAZING…I don’t know if it was my mood, the changing of my taste buds or the long week I had…. but it was the best I have had!  No Joke, mmmmm…makes me want to get one right now!  I then ventured out to something new in Mexican food…which I would have never called Mexican.  Maybe it is?  I ordered brisket tacos.  I was hesitant because brisket just seems like a Sunday after church meal…but people get it all the time, so I just had to try it!  AND again, AMAZING!  Three little corn tortillas filled with brisket and then dipping sauce!  A side of double rice and I was good to go.  I finished the night with a $14 tab (tip included).  So, it is the average price of dinner.  Not something I would like to pay on a regular basis, but it was worth it!  I would love to return.  I hear their margs are great.  The mood was young business professionals, awkward first dates, happy hour feel…I guess a typical Thursday.  It is a nice area of Uptown…not too crazy, but there was a buzz in the streets around.  OOOO, one thing I did not like…the only parking was Valet.  I heard it was complimentary…but I was nervous because 1.  I have never done Valet before and 2. I had no cash, and I hate tipping in general (sorry…it’s true).  So why tip when I can just walk a little further?  So the parking wasn’t great.  I kind of had to park on a shady street (as in shady people, not shady trees).

Great night!  Great company (I was able to share my testimony and see how God has moved in me and also how he is moving in my friend!)!  Great Food!  Great Drinks!  A+


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