If you live in the Dallas area and need any landscape needs…USE MARLIN LANDSCAPE SYSTEMS!

P.S.  They are the company that I so randomly work for now post youth ministry….  So I sent an email to my boss last night to ask if I could have Friday off to go home to Nebraska.  He replies yes and that he wanted to pay for a plane ticket so I didn’t have to drive. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Long story short…the way it all went down the plane tickets were ridiculous ($500) and with travel time to the Omaha airport from Grand Island…it just seemed less than necessary. They decided to give me a large sum in gas money. SERIOUSLY. These guys are fantastic. They have no reason to be so generous and they are. God has used them to be a source of provision in so many things over the past six months.  I am praying the Lord would use me to be a big source of provision for them spiritually as well. 

Other things they have done for me:

  • Given me a raise on my third day of work.
  • The other day I left work early because I was having a bad day. Neither of the owners were there so I just sent them an email apologizing, but that I had to leave. They both called in and checked on me and wanted to know if they could do anything for me. So sweet. They were both football players, one in the NFL…so it is cute to see these big guys turn sweet.
  • Bought new tires for my old car .
  • Payed for an $800 repair to my old car.
  • Told me it wasn’t a ladies job to put on my license plates on my new car…so they put those on for me.  This one makes me really happy:-)  Who doesn’t like to be treated like a “lady.”
  • They are giving me free monthly maintenance at my new house!

I don’t say all of these things to boast at all.  I hope it reflects the Lords provision because this is exactly one way God has been revealing himself to me in the midst of crazy illusions I create for his character!  I just feel really taken care of and really thankful!



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2 responses to “Generosity!

  1. I dont need any landscaping done at all, but I want to hire them just because of your post. WHAT NICE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  2. you are so blessed! i am so happy for you, and i know you deserve it all. God is so good! love you and miss you a ton…sorry i’ve been such a bad friend lately!

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