2 years later….

Two years ago yesterday I had two bags weighing a little under 50 lbs each, a couple of carryon’s and a lot of excitement loaded on a plane to return home from Switzerland.  CRAZY.  It seems so so far away.  I will have to type out my journal entry that I wrote on the plane….wow, was I blindsided with what my future life was to look like!  I was so far off with expectations it isn’t even funny!  None the less…life happened and I am still here to speak about it:-)

 Here is what has happened in the mean time:

1. Started a new job

2. Quit that job

3. Started another job

4. Bought a dog

5. Gave away a dog

6. Dated a couple of guys

7. Stopped dating a couple of guys

8. Moved to Dallas

9. Moved to Houston

10. Moved back to Dallas

I hope the two year mark stops this pattern:-)  Thankful for grace, mercy and providence!


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One response to “2 years later….

  1. michelle

    ha ha! so funny when you write it all out.

    a journey it is.

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