I left out some of the best details!  (Thanks for asking ash!)  I lost my wallet a month to the date previous to when it was returned to me!  What happened was that I left it in the walmart cart…in the parking lot….at 8pm on a Sunday night.  Didn’t realize it was gone until 8 the next morning.  It had EVERYTHING in it, including some fat cash!

So, I don’t know how the Walmart people found it or where.  I just know it was found!  This might sound cheesy, but The Lord really revealed so much to me during the losing and finding of my wallet.  He has been so quick to speak to me these days.  For that I am thankful!



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3 responses to “Walmart

  1. He is amazing…yet we’re still always surprised!!!

  2. Im a horrible person! I cannot believe that I forgot about Sunday night. I feel horrible! When can you do coffee or food this weekend?!?!

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