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I absolutely loved the people that I came into contact with in Switzerland.  I really miss them.  Does that feeling ever go away?  I don’t think so.  I just want to talk about Switzerland all the time…it is so strange.  I never want to lose my memories from there…but I don’t know that I expected my time there to stay on the forefront of my heart like it has.  For goodness sakes…it was only 10 months of my life…but probably the most changing, impacting, amazing 10 months of my life…maybe forever:-)  Part of my time was spent working in a church in Nyon, Switzerland.  Before I came, there was a couple that were the music ministers.  They are from Northern Ireland, but travel a lot in the US doing concerts.  They are in Dallas sometimes…I missed the first time they were here so I am watchign their tour like a hawk:-)  For you Oklahoma people…they visit there!  Little did I know they wrote my favorite hymn that I sung quite often during my college years!  I fell in love with their music during my time in Switzerland…it was very instrumental in my spiritual formation.  My very first Sunday we sang the song “Beneath the Cross of Jesus.” It just captivated me.  It didn’t hurt that I could listen to the words of scripture and look at amazing creation at the same of my fave memories is listening to “Don’t Let Me Loose My Wonder” while on a trip into Lausanne…with the Lake and Alps out of my window.  I am on their email newsletter that goes out fairly often.  It makes me so excited to read about their whereabouts and happenings!  ANYWAY….I received a newsletter today with some videos that I wanted to share!  Enjoy!


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