Blog Worthy!

Lately I have been running up dry regarding exciting info to blog…but have no fear…today is the day to break through!  My work is a corporate sponsor for a new “Field House” in Frisco.  It is kind of like a private YMCA.  They are having a big grand opening and all the sponsors come…kind of like a little expo.  I am in charge of this event and I stumbled upon a little jewel!





If you didn’t know, the place I work is called, “Marlin Landscape Systems.”  The owners love to deep sea fish.  Part of the little expo is “fishing” for Marlin.  There will be a prize associated with each little Marlin.  Isn’t this stress reliever in the shape of a fish perfect!!!  I am so very excited to show my boss.


We will also have pots there for the kids to paint!  Another favorite:  Yesterday we printed out three different landscape designs on our plotter (they look like blue prints…but of the yard, not the house).  We are going to print black and white copies for the kids to color!


And of course, what is a good expo without free pens, pencils, note pads and bags to carry all the goodies in!


Also, get this…both of the owners are gone today because one of our clients is flying them, in his private jet, to his private ranch.  He has a project for us.  Pretty sweet…I wish I was out on the field.  The desk and computer are perfect for now…but I couldn’t do this forever.



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2 responses to “Blog Worthy!

  1. Mom

    Neat ideas….

  2. you are so creative! i got your email and i will email you back soon…but i am finally getting caught up on everyone’s blogs, so i thought i would write on yours. i love you!

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