25 and loving it!

Well…I said all along that the 25th year of my life was going to be grand…and here is why it has so far!

1.  I had two months off of working

2.  I was able to live with my brother for two months

3.  My brother got married

4.  I gained a sister in law who is always encouraging me

5.  I started a new job…got a raise on my third day….and loving my time there

6.  I have found a church that I believe in

7.  I have found a roomate..moving more into Dallas (south of Plano) as of March 1st!  More details on this to come…super excited about it!

8.  I am understanding the gospel in new light

9.  Life feels a lot more simple than it has in a while

10. I’m only 2 1/2 months in…..  woo hoo!


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