At last

Finally!!! As I write I am snuggled in my own sheets in my own bed in my own room in my own house. Ok, well it isn’t my house and the bed is furnished…. But none the less; I feel settled!

The last time this was the case I was living in my own apartment mid September. That’s four months of living out of my car and suit cases! In those four months I lived in nine different houses/apartments and in between three cities!

I found a lady on craigs list that rents out her rooms; it’s a good set up! My goal us to be here until I can find some girls to live with! Side note… I live by craigs list… I reccommend it for most of your needs:)



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5 responses to “At last

  1. michelle

    that is so funny because i’m the exact opposite! i’m so afraid of Craig’s list! something about it!!!!!! ha.

    glad it’s worked for you so far though!

    and see! you CAN live out of a car/backpack for awhile …. now you should try 11 months! you’d love it. 🙂

    love you dear.

  2. Lydie


    I am sharing in your joys of feeling settled! If you weren’t so far away, I’d invite you over for a cup of ‘my tea’ from ‘my teapot’!


  3. Mom

    Glad to hear you are settled

  4. Nana

    Nana is happy for you also. It is good to be settled in your own space.

  5. sooo…do you have roommates?

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