my parents

I was talking with my  mom tonight and as I was talking with her I couldn’t help but be really thankful for the role that her and my dad play in my life!  Here are some reasons why they are super great!


My dad is the hardest working man I have ever met (I am not just saying that).

My dad is just as emotional as me.

My mom has a tendency to just love people naturally around her.

When my mom and dad are apart from one another they literally act like high school kids in love who can’t go a day without talking on the phone fifteen million times.

When I am hanging around people that know my mom and dad everyone speaks so highly of them.

My mom makes meals and buys flowers for all the families that have a baby at their church.

They actively seek Christ.

They put gas in my car when I leave Nebraska.

They let me be me…and they secretly like my drama:-)



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2 responses to “my parents

  1. gotta say i love your parents too…even though it’s been forever!!! 🙂

  2. Mom

    Ooh my gosh!!! You just made me cry…and well Dad…you can guess. Love you and MOST of your drama.ha

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