Well…Saturday is the ringing in of my Quarterlife!  I am so very excited!  Who doesn’t want to turn 25?  Because this can have potential for a let down, (I always set too high of expectations…and I am unemployed and live a pretty basic day to day schedule) I have chosen to ring what I think is going to be the best year of my life (havne’t you ever just had that feeling?) with five days of simple celebrations (this will be my FIFTH year in my 20’s…so why not celebrate for five days straight)!  This starts tomorrow!  If you have any suggestions they are welcome:-)  I am a fan of the simple joys:-)

Tuesday, November 25th  //  This day will probably be a day of reflections and goal setting (because I am like that) for me with some journaling, photography and hopefully some type of art project???

Wednesday, November 26th  //  I am going to get my nails done:-)  Road trip with the brother listening to A LOT of Christmas Music..with a possible stop at Sonic for a Route 44 Dr. Pepper!!!  Spending that night with my cousins, parents and grandpa because of the COWBOYS GAME DAY!!!!!!!!  This day might possibly be my fave because of the company and the anticipation!

Thursday, November 27th  //  Thanksgiving & Cowboys Game!

Friday, November 28th  //  I will be in Canton America the rest of the weeekend.  I am going to see if I can talk my grandma into teaching me how to sew (note a previous post I wrote)!  This is the day we will have our Thanksgiving feast!  It will be a fun day with cousins and extended family!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH!!!!!  The actual day!  We are probably going to go to First Monday– so hopefully I will find some gret fabric for a sewing project!!!  The normal cake I am assuming!  It will be great to be with family!


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