WordPress + iphone

iPhone and wordpress have come together. This is just a little test to see if it actually works! It’s kinda like texting a blog I guess. Honestly…this is crazy and probably over the top. But we can justify anything right?!? The positive thing is that I no longer have a computer and with these iPhone and app updates it really helps me out!

On a different note:
I am living in Houston with my brother while I am job hunting! We are having such a great time! It’s fun to have something to do and someone to do it with instead of living alone. Anyway…. Allston’s apartment complex has an array of people and I am loving it! Yesterday I looked out the window and his neighbor crazy man is laying out. Mind you… It’s November 21st!!!!! Granted we are in south(ish) Texas and it might have gotten into the 60’s…still! (ok secretly I was rummaging through my car trying to find my swim suit!!!)


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  1. Mom

    Stop it your making me jealous! Sooooooooo excited for Thanksgiving. See ya Thurs

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