I hate getting those emails that say “Must Read…Obama yadda yadda yadda”  It simply makes me want to vote for him.  I have really tried to be diligent in gathering all the facts on this year’s election.  I have tried to remain non biased and really hear what each candidate offers and then filter that through the needs of America and not to mention the rest of the world...I don’t think we realize how much of our decisions effect the world at a whole.  I also try not to say too much regarding each candidate.  A friend of a friend wrote a blog about her view and I resonated so much with what she was saying….and I hope she doesn’t mind me copying her!!!!  Please don’t send me those “Obama Warning” emails….and here is what Kate had to say!

First of all what is one more opinion?…Everyone is just waiting for their turn to speak anyway.

Secondly, I don’t feel educated enough to contribute.

Thirdly, I like harmony.


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  1. Short, but definitely hits the spot. With how the world paints one candidate, they can’t speak for what’s truly good for the rest of us.

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