it’s a sad day…

You know those love hate relationships you have in your life…well I thought I had one of those with my little roomate Winston.  But the truth is that I really do love him; we have formed a pretty good life together over the last nine months:-) But this is where the sad part comes in.  I am on this kick (a healthy, God given kick) right now where I am trying to make wise decisions.  Wise decisions that get me to my ultimate goals involving ministry, family…life in general.  Well I am making those deicsions and it gets a little hard when you have baggage.  Not saying Winston is baggage at all…just an obsticle when I think of moving apartments and so on.  SO…over the last weeks I have contemplated on what to do with him.  And the conclusion is that I must give him back to the adoption center.  I have cried about it all day…the last response I thought I would have!  He is staying with a family from the church I work at until I can get him a spot in the shelter.  I hope he gets a good family…this is sad…so sad!



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6 responses to “it’s a sad day…

  1. sorry about your doggy, ash. love you!

  2. aww … Winston!!! sad day. are you going to be ok??

  3. Joy

    Oh my gosh! This IS sad. He is so cute. I’m sorry you have to give him away. 😦

  4. thatgirlkate

    oh Ashley, that is so sad! is there no way that poor little winston can’t stay with you?

  5. Alisha

    Deborah wants him.

  6. Blaire

    sweet winston, i hope little dryer dog finds a good home

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