By nature, you can help others easily fit into groups. You quickly establish good relationships with just
about everyone you encounter. How? You spontaneously notice people’s good qualities. When others
hear your favorable comments about an individual, they are much more likely to make the person feel
welcome. Instinctively, you might feel life is great when certain people take time to listen to what you
are saying. Perhaps you are happy when someone comprehends what you are thinking or feeling.
Driven by your talents, you may feel a little more optimistic about dealing with whatever life hands you
when you can keep current with breaking news. Perhaps having limited access to broadcast media,
newspapers, magazines, electronic mail, fax machines, mobile phones, or people in the know creates
stress for you. Because of your strengths, you truly want to understand as much as you can about
people. The more knowledgeable you are about someone, the easier it is for you to celebrate the
person’s accomplishments and talents. Chances are good that you lavish compliments on others. You
make them feel good about themselves, how they look, or what they have contributed. You probably
describe things individuals have done well. You usually point out evidence of professional progress or
personal growth.


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One response to “Positivity

  1. ha …. i love this one. keyword “optimistic.” hits right on!!!! 🙂

    gosh … these all make you sound incredible.

    which you are … of course. 🙂 love you!

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