Because of your strengths, you spontaneously tune in to the emotions and needs of individuals. Your
intuitive insights tell you when a person needs to be cheered up, offered support, or given approval.
This special gift of yours helps people grow personally and professionally. It also frees them to feel
good about themselves and what they can do. Chances are good that you take time to discover
someone’s likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, or idiosyncrasies. You usually gain a great deal of
satisfaction from making a person feel worthwhile and valuable. Instinctively, you realize numerous
individuals need your attention to feel valued or appreciated. Making someone feel special gives you
a great deal of satisfaction. You can sense when someone’s spirit needs to be lifted or his/her
contributions need to be acknowledged. You know what to say and how to say it so your compliments
or words of recognition sound truthful, genuine, and sincere. This is one way you nurture relationships
with people. By nature, you can tune in to the moods of people. You probably have spent quality time
together and shared common experiences. Because you make a point of really knowing someone, it
is easy for you to accurately interpret the person’s emotions in many different situations. Driven by
your talents, you are keenly aware of others’ moods. Your insights can be especially valuable when
you are helping someone develop strength by acquiring a skill, gaining knowledge, or using a talent.


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