Driven by your talents, you are very fond of and devoted to the people in your life. You thrive when
individuals reciprocate — that is, return — your feelings of warmth and affection. Because of your
strengths, you recognize your upbeat attitude inspires people. You generate good feelings in others
by emphasizing their successes, contributions, and favorable traits. Eager to bond with people, you
are quick to give sincere compliments and send congratulatory messages. Instinctively, you probably
are the person whom team members know best. You automatically reveal more information about
yourself than many people would feel comfortable sharing. It’s very likely that you spontaneously
seek and greet newcomers. When you need to know a newcomer as an individual, you probably find
a reason to start a conversation with him or her. Chances are good that you freely share your ideas or
feelings with others. Being tongue-tied — that is, unable to speak freely — is rarely a problem for you.
Words quickly come to mind when you are with people. Your ease with language enables you to
meet, greet, and treat strangers as if they already were your friends.


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