Driven by your talents, you naturally tune in to the moods of group members. You can read the
emotions individuals are experiencing. This increases your chances of responding to the person
appropriately and at the right time. By nature, you are aware of people’s feelings. This explains why
you can let tears stream down your face when you are in the presence of individuals who are
suffering or experiencing joy. You have a gift for feeling the depths of another’s pain or jubilation. It’s
very likely that you demonstrate a natural fondness for human beings. As a result, many individuals
are attracted to you. They sense you really understand what they are feeling, thinking, or
experiencing at the moment. People usually appreciate your willingness not to discount or belittle
their emotions, ideas, or reactions to events. Because of your strengths, you have quick and ready
insights into who is and is not fond of you. Being held in high regard by devoted coworkers,
teammates, classmates, friends, or family members makes you feel very good about yourself.
Chances are good that you contribute to the sense of well-being and contentment others experience.
You make of point of knowing people as individuals. You notice what makes each person distinct and
different from everyone else. When you are meeting individuals for the first time, you probably say
and do things to make them laugh and smile.


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  1. aww. i love this. and this was your top one? how fascinating … i want the book too. 🙂

    love you …. how about i call on my way home from spfd? things are a little crazy this weekend. love!

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