hopefully I will update soon about these things…..

Summer Camp!

Africa is Everywhere!

I have said this time and time again…but I can’t get Africa out of my mind.  I need to stop thinking about it and take action.  I also want to make others aware!  There are some great blogs out there, lots of people doing things.  I need to seek where and how God is leading.

Mexico Mission Trip!

I leave tomorrow at 1pm with 25 other peopel…mainly high school students to head down to McAllen, TX/Reyanosa, MX for a week long mission trip.  As a group we will be hosting VBS for little kiddos and taking part in the Hurricane Dolly relief work.



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4 responses to “hopefully I will update soon about these things…..

  1. glad to see you’re still writing. thought you might be interested in this blog. hope you are well.


  2. Monica

    Marbes! Your summer life is so crazy! Have fun in Mexico. Stopping by puetra vallarta to see chocolate??

  3. Joy

    I know what you mean about Africa being everywhere. I blogged about this the other day when I saw Africa in a piece of cheese off Nora’s bib! Crazy!

    Can’t wait to hear about your camp and about Mexcio and about what God does with this passion for Africa!

  4. Ashley Lee

    ashley…this may be a connection for you…i’m not sure. but kenny and his wife leslie and their NEW BABY tyler head to africa soon! they start their 4 year term in april to see how they like it there, and they plan to stay there as a career…just a thought. i love you and will pray that God continues to reveal His plan to you.

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