the things I want to make more time for….

walks….. my dog….. art…. reading…. meditating… blogging…. journaling…. family…. friends…. exercise…. cooking…. prayer….. traveling… phone calls… photography… theology… community activities

This whole transition into the real world (as of August 1st…it will be my first complete year with the full responsibilities of an American adult) has been AWFUL!  Ok…maybe I am being drama…but it has by far not been the best year of my life!  So I am wondering how I get the hang of working every day and then balancing an outside life to enjoy the list above?!?

Any insight?



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3 responses to “the things I want to make more time for….

  1. Mom

    I think the secret is to find something that gives you joy each day. Look for it and you will find it. I find that when I get busy and dont take the time to do something that I enjoy…it feels like I am on the “treadmill of life”. Make it a point to do atleast one of those things you listed every day.

    Love ya

  2. Lydie

    My dear, when you find the answer let us know! Actually, real life for me right now means that I can eat gelato ice cream down by the lake every evening if I want- cuz there’s JUST work, but studies are a-coming again and I’ll long for these leisurely evenings. hmmmmm… is moving back to Switzerland an answer? 😉

  3. Monica

    Marbes- i love your list and i love your heart for wanting to make time for you in your crazy giving schedule. i think doing the things on your list are just what you need to make your next year wonderful. have an hour a week set just for you to do these things… i love you friend and am excited to see what happens!

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