It’s a sad night in America:-(

Well ladies and gentleman. I am not sure where your vote was tonight…but I am guessing your living rooms went a little silent after a huge gasp or screech!!! At least this was the scenario in the living room that I sat in tonight! “D” picked Jesse instead of Jason. I wonder what Tye’s reaction was:-( A friend of mine introduced me to this blog that is fantastic and adds so much to each show! Maybe she will continue for future shows/seasons!

Every Monday night we get together at Jason and Lindsey’s with some students to watch The Bachelorette and The Mole. Below is a picture of our disappointment (and Lindsey’s excitement). Luckily we had chocolate covered strawberries and fun-fettie cake cookies!!! It helped make the night not end so badly!



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3 responses to “It’s a sad night in America:-(

  1. not going to lie. i loved jesse. we can argue about it, i have with my roommates, but i can’t help the way i feel. πŸ™‚

    p.s. didn’t you love how GRAHAM’s name came up STILL?? EVEN in the FINALE?!?!? oooh drama.

    fun fetti COOKIES!?!? yum.

  2. we don’t have to argue about it…i like the guy…i just really liked jason. but i don’t really like her…so in the end it is best:-) i wonder what jason will do now? he doesn’t have armor anymore!!!!

    i did love how graham still came up!!! i want to know what he is up to:-) my whole living room gasped and yelled when jason said that!!!! ha!

    yes…fun fetti cookies! LOVE IT!

    Did you get internet or something!?!?

  3. did you have fun in houston?!?! sorry we didn’t hang out. 😦 i was sad about that. let me know how it went though!

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