Happy 4th!

I had a wonderful weekend!  One of my fave places in the world (yes world) is Mansfield, Texas!  I spent the day of the 4th there and it was fantastic!  I spent the day laying out in the pool with the Pizzini family and of course Janie brought out her famous smoothies and made us lunch!  Then that evening we went to the Hobbs for a shrimp boil!  Most of my college 4th’s were spent in Mansfield….BBQ’s, LBJ Lake, Naked boys in hot tubs, illegal fireworks and cops, jumping off the balcony…the list could go on!!!!!  Afterwards we went to the top of the youth building to watch the fireworks across the DFW skyline!  It was fantastic!

It felt like old times!  It was really fun to sit back and see how the lives of students had changed since I first started interning there four years ago (YIKES!!!!)  The 7th grade girls I started out with are now leaving for college; some are in their senior year of college, some are engaged, some are even married..it is just crazy!  I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with true relationships there that have been for the purpose of glorifying him!  I love it!  I will forever think of Mansfield as home!

The pics aren’t that good…but I wanted to post some!

Jac-a-lack-a!!!!  A year ago we had just finished traveling in Switzerland together:-)

After dinner!  Most of these guys were 9th/10th graders!  Some of them were the naked boys in the hot tub!  Love love love them!

Rodney and Hannah Grace Hobbs!



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5 responses to “Happy 4th!

  1. Monica

    ah marbes! im glad you had a good 4th weekend! i love that you always post pics.

  2. Alisha

    i have to say, I am a little jealous …

    ohhhhh those naked boys in the hot tub … kait was so jealous she missed that 🙂

  3. joy

    You are getting good at this blogging thing! Sounds like you had a fun time. You want to come to Oregon and have fun here?? 🙂

  4. Alisha….jealous!?!?!? Wish you would have been there….you might have come up in covo…skyler might have come up in convo…you two might have come up at the same time!?!?

    Joy…I will come some day…I PROMISE!!!!

  5. so fun. the best my 4th contained was about 250 sparklers bursting into a firebomb (the brother in-law was curious to see what would happen) 🙂

    love love.

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