sorry? more compassion and sensativity needed

As I read back over my last post I am realizing that yes I really was too tired to be writing!  I needed a little more compassion…and a little more sensitivity and perhaps a little more explanation.  I do still stand firm at the heart of what I was saying.  When it comes down to it, my heart is sad when I look at people around me that I love or even those that I really don’t know and they…AND ME… so many times base our decisions, thoughts and stances off of what we feel or even our own experiences.  Not that God doesn’t use circumstances because he does…but our sounding bored has to, HAS TO be the bible.  We need to be saturated in the words of what it says.  We need to know it, love it, teach it…but most importantly live it.  I am saying all of this for me too…not pointing fingers.

That’s all I am saying…out of love…I PROMISE!!!!!


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  1. LOVED seeing you! Lets go to the dog park!

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