The Bible

***Disclaimer…It is late…I work early tomorrow morning…I am tired; the spelling and flow might only make since to me…

….but as I cruise through different blogs, am in different conversations, think of ethical situations, am 24 years old, facing difficult life choices/decisions… thing my generation (and by generation I mean post college and probably pre 30ish) is loosing grasp of is the bible.  We can discuss discuss discuss, theorize (is that a word?) theorize theorize, opinionate opinionate opinionate….but what it comes down to is basing all those things on the truth…the thing that is offensive, truthful, not black and white but pretty clear….we are in time of tolerance and searching and somtimes the bible doesn’t allow for searching and tolerance…Christ was offensive and clear in so many things.

WOW…I sound really southern/evangelical.

I’m just saying….



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5 responses to “The Bible

  1. Mom

    You surprise me sometimes. I love that you speak the truth boldly!

  2. hmmm … somethings got you fired up. any (more specific) examples?

  3. Mom…why does this surprise you?

    Michelle….nothing really….I just see typical teenagers, MYSELF and other 20 somethings living life and creating a God and views about him that do not exist.

    Sarah…you are sweet!

  4. Mom

    Yeah, I dont know why I said surprise??? I think what I really meant was it is good to see you expressing your passion about the Bible…. I agree with what you said except I think it far more reaching than just teens and 20 somethings. You would think by my age people would get it but….sadly not true.

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