Red Letters Campaign

Last night a lot of stuff came together for me…and I am not talking about Derrick and Meredith! But that none the less was an added bonus! I received a phone call from a good friend I met in Switzerland. If you guys followed my newsletters or prayer emails you prayed for Jesse and Joy Larvick as they were having a baby and also when they were stuck in America after their passports were stolen. Joy left this message and then we talked later regarding me going on a vision trip to plan for starting an orphanage in Ethiopia with Red Letters Campaign.

O MY GOODNESS!!!! I think I have mentioned it in several of my blogs before but Africa has been so heavy on my heart and head! I wonder if this is why…in preparation! And part my mind’s thoughts were about adoption…and I am like…God…I can’t adopt right now. But maybe that was just making me aware of the need…an orphanage!

Now this is just the beginning of everything! Right now I simply want to pray and see if this is really where God is leading. I am very excited to see this unfold! Stay posted for more details! EAK!



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4 responses to “Red Letters Campaign

  1. i’ll be praying too! oh my goodness…God is so amazing!

  2. AWESOME! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! It will be the best thing ever! And then you can bring a little african boy or girl home!!!! OH and then you will be connected with that orphanage and then when John and I are ready to adopt, we will have an in with you! YAY!!

  3. Thanks Ash!

    Sarah…I would bring you home a little african baby!!! I thought you wanted to stay local? no?

    Love you ladies

  4. Hey there… Russ just contacted me with your info. Excited that you are interest in Ethiopia stuff. I do want to clear one thing up though….. RLC is not starting an orphanage in Ethiopia. 🙂 RLC will be connecting with Childrens Hope Chest to take care of orphans using Hope Chest’s Orphan care model. 🙂 I am going to email you in a little bit, but just wanted to clear that up on here in case others read that. 🙂

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