He digs in the water bowl...then in the dirt!Something that brings me great joy these days is my dog Winston! I adopted him from a shelter called Operation Kindness. Apparently two neighbor dogs fell in love and made babies….but these two dogs were not meant to be together…a chihuahua and a poodle (ewe…I know). Well that created little Winston. Neither family would claim him or his brother’s and sisters. So now I have him! Today we went to the dog park! We were there for 2.5 hours! There usually are not that many dogs there on Friday mornings but today there were like 7! He ran and ran! Now he is sleeping beside me…he is so worn out!



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3 responses to “joy

  1. Monica

    i love winston. sometimes i feel like a mut and dont know exactly where I belong. I think we all do. It’s nice to see how well muts turn out, probably better than the regulars 🙂 i know simon and winston are perfect examples of this. i’m excited for them to meet. WHEN (notice how i put “when” and not “if”) you come to chicago you’ll have to bring him along.

    Love you sweet ashley

  2. awwww…he’s a cuty!

  3. I love Winston too! He is fabulous. We really need to get together and go to the park. I know Beyonce would love him!

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