the best weekend of my life?

Time with family just gets sweeter and sweeter as I grow “older.” I wish I could spend every weekend with those people.

This past weekend my brother graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney…GO LOPERS! I am so proud of him. He became really involved during his four years at UNK.  Because he had such a huge realm of influence there were many personalized events for us to participate in allowing us to see the value Allston has in the lives of others. It was neat to come into contact with people at each one of those events; many people pulled us aside letting us know how Allston impacted them.  Allston is one of those guys that everyone respects and wants to be around. He is so driven, respected, loved, admired and deeply knows Christ and lives that out daily. He surpasses me by far and I just want to glean from his knowledge! How did that happen…he is my little brother! He is moving to Huston at the beginning of July to work as an Engineer. Last summer he worked on a major Cathedral in Huston. His first project will be an addition onto a museum! I can’t wait to have him in Texas.

I was also able to spend a lot of time with my grandparents, parents, cousins and one aunt! We have a ball when we are together. We only know one volume for our voices…EXTRA LOUD; we eat lots of food; we retell stories that have been told way too many times; we cry a lot because we are an emotional family; we talk about Texas being the best state…the list could go on! I love them so much and I wish we all lived within a 45 mile radius of each other! I get to see them in two weeks though because my cousin Logan is graduating from high school.

It was also Mother’s Day! This was the first time  we were all together for Mother’s Day in 4 years. It was really special for my mom to have us all together! We bought her a plane ticket from Huston to Omaha.

Time away for me is always really good. It takes me out of the daily routine that is busy. I am still trying to understand how to make the busy not busy….because that is how I really think we were meant to live life…even though it is NOT the norm. It has been quite an adjustment because my time in Switzerland was 110% opposite. busy wise than it is now.  I am getting over it…I know; it’s about time! I love hearing from God and I love how heavy God the Spirit is able to fall on me when there are few distractions.

So I am off to the real world tomorrow…driving back to either Oklahoma and staying the night…or all the way back to Dallas…we will see!


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  1. Mom

    I couldnt agree with you more. It was an amazing time with family. I loved loved loved having both of my kids home on Mothers Day! Not to mention getting that garden planted.ha

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