Am I ashamed? NO!

I don’t have a TV so I Youtube it a lot! Here is a wonderful find! Any one up for a concert, they are coming back! I am also pretty sure I knew all the dance moves to the video below! My fave was Donny….who was yours???



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5 responses to “Am I ashamed? NO!

  1. it’s sad to say …. but i don’t think i was cool enough to REALLY know the New Kids. (this coming from the girl whose 1st concert was Amy Grant.)

    🙂 who knows, maybe the gods are giving me a second chance.

    love love.

  2. Monica

    hahahaah this is too funny. i love how they are all skipping about. good video marbes. and honestly, and emberrassingly, my mom never let us really get into them so who you loved danny i was loving neil diamond. haha

  3. Mom

    Reminds me of Niki, Kelly and Annette teaching you dance moves!

  4. Ok not as hilarious as I made it look. I thought this was the baby making the funny face video.

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