My cousin!


Click HERE to see pictures of my cousin that is graduating from high school this year! Love this kid and he looks so good!!!!  We have such a great family!!!  I wish we all lived closer, but we have done such a good job keeping in touch.  All seven of us cousins range from me (24) to my youngest cousin Katy (10).



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4 responses to “My cousin!

  1. Monica

    i definitely see the resemblance. i love cousins, probably more than i love siblings.

  2. MacKenzie

    Aw I kinda see the family ties there.

    I posted so now you can stop waiting and read my updated blog! Sorry I lied! hahah!

  3. You are hilarious. Ok, let me think about which one I think would be best for you. I just had a failed attempt to hook a friend up a few weeks ago so i have to make sure its a good hook up before I do it:)

    Im so busy these next two weekends, but I REALLY want to go to the dog park with you!!!

  4. Monica

    i love that you put up a picture of the three kiddos. coop is so big! they are all so pretty

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