I love living in my apartment

I really love living alone in my apartment! I can’t wait to put flowers outside on the patio! I am invisioning a European window with overflowing bright colored flowers! o la la!!!! I love that Winston is small enough for this tiny space. I love taking out the trash. I love my white bed. I love vacuming and making my own bed. I love that this space is mine! I love Fridays because I get to spend a lot of alone time detoxing in my little space:-)

Blessings to you my friends! photo-303.jpg



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3 responses to “I love living in my apartment

  1. Monica

    marbes! i love how you decorated. i’m sure winston is so pleased 🙂 i cant’ wait to see it. i should put up pics of mine but yours is way cuter.

    my mom sent me an email this morning, “hi sweetie, i got home at 1130 last night and i knew i said i’d call but i thought it’d be too late and didn’t want to wake up simon…”

    yes, that is correct, she was worried a/b waking up the old man! haha oh jean

    love you friend

  2. yay! i love your apt too!!! thanks for letting me stay. love you sweet girl!


  3. I LOVE YOUR APARTMENT!!! It is sooo well decorated! You should take up a new career!

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