a reason i love my job….

i just received a phone call to my office from a 6th grade boy.  i figured he was going to ask what the plan was for our wednesday night program…or maybe something about registering for summer camp….but nope….he wanted the phone number of a 6th grade girl so he could ask her to be his girlfriend….

LOVE IT!  (i didn’t give it to him!)



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3 responses to “a reason i love my job….

  1. Monica

    hahaha you gotta help that kid out with the digits! that is so cute.

  2. imani wideman , 6th grade

    Hola Mr.Quiros I was wondering how i was doing in class and what I can do To improve. Grasias ,adios.

  3. imani wideman , 6th grade

    Oh was i suppose tobe talking about the story at the top . If i Was it was pretty funny.

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