family, wasps and lysol!

Today has been such a wonderful day.  I am continually on the road to feeling normal again!  I spent my morning nannying and then visiting one of my college roomates Katie Schlieder.  She teaches 1st grade in Frisco.  I visted her at her school to see her kids and her classroom!  She is so great and the kids adore her!  I am really proud of her!  I spent the afternoon prepping my patio for spring and cleaning my apartment!  I can’t wait to put pots of overflowing flowers…maybe even honeydew on my balcony!  Then tonight I visted my great Aunt in Sherman.  She is the coolest “older” person!  The thing I love most about her is that she is consistantly progressing in her faith.  She hasn’t just stopped with her generation.  She has continued to let the bible inform her, the way she thinks and they way she processes!  It is a joy to be with her!  She blesses my life!  It always makes me really appreciate my family.  No one knows the core of you better than your family.  So it is great to hear stories of your childhood and stories about your parents and grandparents.  It is fun to hash out the quacky things and realize the blessings that have come to our family.  It is a beautiful thing!  I love love love my family!  One major reason I decided not to stay in Switzerland was so that I could be a part of my family’s life.  I am so thankful that since I have been back I have seen them regularly!

Onto another topic… alone…..

I hate hate hate hate bugs…big ones, small ones, things that fly, things that crawl…eak, I shake thinking about it.  Well tonight I come home and I see a HUGE wasp flying in my living room…and if you know that my apartment is 518 square feet you know that if a HUGE wasp is flying in my living room it is also in my kitchen and bedroom all at the same time! I never kill bugs on my own!  When I was in high school I would scream in the middle of the night when I heard crickets. My brother would come in and kill them for me!  Living with six other roomates in college allowed for the other girls to tackle the sprickets:-)  You only know what a spricket is if you are from Shawnee or if you lived in the Georgia house!  They really do exist!!!!  So needless to say on a night like tonight what do I do….I GRAB THE LYSOL.  It took me a little over a half of an hour of spraying over a half a can of lysol but the dang thing died on the top of my fridge.  I smashed him for good measure!  He was so so so BIG.   THEN I looked out on my patio and saw a baby cockroach:-(  I mean I living in a nice apartment don’t get me wrong….all buildings have things like this….but I don’t like it!  I sent a service request to come and spray! O the joy!



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2 responses to “family, wasps and lysol!

  1. Mom

    Oh my gosh….that made me laugh!!! Brought back many memmories of your bug phobia!!!!!

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