to live my dream!

My dream one day is to not work…not the “be lazy not work”….but a not work so I could wake up and spend my day leisurely meeting the needs of those around me.  (I’m not saying I can’t do that in my current state…but this is different)  Today is my day off and it has been an amazing day!  I feel like I have blessed people, my God and myself.  I haven’t been under any time constraints, no to do lists and no idle hours.   I want to meet other women for coffee and hear their hearts, I want to spend time with babies and toddlers to learn from their faith, I want to serve and volunteer for non profits.  Eventually I want to serve my own family and meet their daily needs…right now it is just Winston and the dog park is sufficient for him!I don’t want this to come across as just wanting one more thing that I don’t have because I do understand that we need to live in the moment, and I mentioned in my last post that I really am loving life right now and I know God is blessing me.  I do think that this part of life is a stepping stone to meeting what I have above.  We will see if something like this can happen.  Raising a family today seems (not sure, just stating out of observation) to take two incomes.  I wonder though if it really does?  Probably….but maybe not??

Well I am going to enjoy this most beautiful Suburbean Dallas day.  I am going to clean my apartment, take Winston to the Park and then head to Sherman to hang out with my really cool great aunt and some of my cousins!  As much as I miss my Swiss life, I wouldn’t trade it for the frequency of family time since I have been back.

I sincerly hope all of you reading this find simple blessings, glimpses of hope and and understanding of peace during this day!


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