i wish…

Tonight I have the urge to hop on a plane and make a trans-Atlantic flight.  I am not sure where I would go.  Maybe Geneva…visit a pub and have a superb glass of wine and an original piece of Swiss chocolate, walk the streets down to the reformation wall…take the train to familiar routes visiting places with rich memories.

I could go somewhere I have never gone like Rome and experience the rich culture and historic sights.  I could go to Israel and “walk where Jesus walked.”  O…..and Egypt…..yes, that would be amazing!  I would love to taste new tastes, smell new smells and experience the unknown.

What about the eastern world.  I have never been really drawn to those, but a beach in Mylasia…visit a friend in the Phillipines and then swing down to Austraila and meet some new mates.  O man, what I would do to live this life style.  Or would I?  OOOO….and I would def go to Northern Ireland to find a husband and of course visit dear friends.  And how could I forget Africa….AFRICA!!!!!

When I was living in Geneva this lifestyle mentioned above was so normal…I almost felt abnormal for not hopping to a new country every couple of weeks.  But Geneva is so International it makes since!  A lady and her husband I worked with litterally took a trip around the world.  The went through some company that set it all up for them, plane ticket after plane ticket….country after country. I wonder if I could do that someday with whoever I marry???  What are the chances that we will have that much money and what are the chances that we can take off of work for a year!  HA!  SMALL SMALL SMALL!

But I have been realizing how much God has blessed me with the desires of my heart here in Plano.  Like….WOW!  I live in a wonderful apartment all to myself where I can host people (my long term dream!), I have a terrific job were I am set up quite nicely; with a community of people around me that care for me and love me and even call and check up on me during ice storms.  I need for nothing.

How sweet it is!

So would I really hop on a plane right now?  ummmmm…..probably!  But I would be very excited to return home!

Peace and Blessings to you my friends!



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2 responses to “i wish…

  1. Don’t come to Northern Ireland to find a husband, are you mad? Have you met many men from Northern Ireland that you consider worthy husband material? Good god woman.

  2. HA! No, I am not mad. It is an inside joke between me and one of my friends! I have not met many men from N. Ireland actually! Who are you and where are you from?

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