dog park and nannying

So I wrote this the other day and I am juts now publishing it…oops!  so it is random…

My newest hobby is the dog park! It is the best way to let Winston out. He LOVES it. He runs and runs and runs and it is fantastic because we get home and he is worn out! The strangest thing happened today. I ended up meeting a family that owned Winston’s brother!!! How crazy is that. His name is Cooper and he lives in Plano. I am not going to lie….Winston is so much cuter….really…I am not being bias! Cooper lives with a Great Dane! That is fun! My cousins just got a Great Dane and named her Izzy! I can’t wait for Winston and Izzy to meet. Also…I never thought I would become “that” girl that owned a dog and….well….just became “that” girl…well I have!!! EAK! It is obviously bad enough to where I am posting about him.

On another exciting note I have been in contact with a family for a couple of weeks now- and I am going to start nannying for them 10 mornings out of the month. I am so very excited. If I could I would nanny full time! So if you know of a position that offers a salary with benefits let me know! Anyway I am also excited because the father (Mahul) is from India and the mother (Punita) is from England. Her family heritage is Indian though. She moved to America when she was 26. She is a children’s doctor and he is an engineer. They have a three year old Shivam and a three month old Veer. It was very interesting because I asked what their names meant and she explained that they practice Jainism and their names have to do with that. I am so excited in many different way and for so many different reasons.



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2 responses to “dog park and nannying

  1. michellemcbeath

    oooh! how wonderful! i bet the children are BEAUTIFUL! have you got to meet them yet?

  2. HEY!!! YOu have a blog! Lets be blog friends!!!! Im going to put you under my friends!! I love your blog!

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